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Basic Class: Adults and teens 11 years and older. In this 2.5-hour self defense class for women and teens, we cover verbal and physical self-defense tactics, including de-escalation. We can custom design a middle school class or high school class for girls and boys. In our self defense class for women and teens, we teach you how to defend.

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Women also endure more incidents of verbal and sexual harassment. Although most women's self-defense courses focus on skills for quickly and efficiently destroying an attacker, self-defense training also should include methods for preventing a confrontation from turning physical in the first place.

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1. My favorite moving meditation which helps ground you, enhance your awareness, reduce stress and anxiety and has been proven by science to help lower blood pressure and stress hormones. 2. Level 1 (beginner) Kickboxing Workout: embody the movements while getting in a full body, fat-burning workout. 3.

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Women's self-defense classes are designed to empower women with the skills, confidence, and knowledge necessary to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. These classes often focus on techniques that can be effectively used regardless of size or strength, emphasizing strategies to prevent confrontations, escape attacks, and defend against physical assaults.

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The Women's Self Defence course is designed to make you more aware, prepared, and ready for any situation that may occur in your everyday life, on any given day. Easily applied striking and kicking techniques are emphasised, as well as techniques for controlling one's attacker. The ability to protect yourself, your friends and your family.

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The class will be led by the tutor who demonstrates and participates in some of the practical work. The participants will be doing active work. Through talks, discussion and practise students will develop a comfortable and efficient use of the body. Practical information and discussions to demystify issues on self-defence will be held.

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Only £90.00 Per Person, For a 5 Hour Course (includes 1 Hr Lunch Break) This Course Is Taught By Our Most Experienced Instructors & Assistants. TIMINGS: We start every course day at 9:00 and finish at 14:00. LOCATION: Southbank Health & Fitness Club, 124-130 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2LD. Dates.

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If on the night, you like what you see, you could sign up then for more self-defence classes in London. PAY FOR 1 CLASS. KB Self Defence Empowerment System. Your life is priceless and to better protect yourself costs only £98.75 (inc VAT). The average lifespan of a female living in the UK is 80.5 years old.

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Also called "feminist self-defense," ESD stands for Empowerment Self Defense.It takes a much more holistic and realistic approach to self-defense than your standard "kick 'em in the groin" class (though they teach you to do groin kicks, too!).. Instead of just teaching you to defend against strangers jumping out at you in dark alleys, ESD addresses the fact that most assaults occur.

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We will be happy to answer all of your personal safety questions and concerns. IMPACT changes lives. Taking charge of your own personal safety is a game-changer. Once you believe that your life is worth fighting for and that you have the right to live a safe and violence-free life, a transformation can occur in the way you approach life.

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The ORIGINAL Full-Force Self Defense Since 1971. Model Mugging Self Defense® emphasizes personal safety and overcoming fears of assault through teaching role model mastery. Small class size instruction puts the emphasis on realistic techniques that are easy to use in everyday situations. Alumni of Model Mugging classes are the best prepared to.

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We offer self-defense classes to women and children in businesses, community organizations and schools. Participation in self-defense classes encourages you to think in terms of options and choices, develops your awareness and assertiveness skills and provides practice for physical self-defense techniques. It expands the way you think about.

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Best Overall: Gracie University Combatives Beginner Program. Best Free: SEPS Women's Self-Defense. Best for Beginners: ProTrainings Online Practical Self-Defense. Best for Women: She Warrior Self-Defense - The Complete Beginner Training. Best for Groups or Organizations: Girls Fight Back.

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Our self defense classes for women discuss rape prevention techniques and tactics, focusing on both inner and outer strength. Curriculum. Krav Maga for women has been carefully developed with valuable input from law enforcement officials and criminal prosecutors in order to provide realistic self defense classes for women. The program deals.

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We offer a range of women only classes for all age groups, including Self Defence, Fitness and Boxing. Whether your goal is to improve your confidence, fitness or technical ability - we've got it covered. Feel healthier and stronger, competent and empowered, aware and ready. Each class has its own benefits, do a combination for best results.

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12 hours of personal instruction to develop awareness of those around you and give you the essential skills to defend yourself if necessary. Fully flexible course available in a format to suit: 2 x 6 hour days/3 x 4 hour days. 8 x 1.5 hour evenings. Between school drop off and pick up. Weekdays/weekends/evenings.