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Contact your local Tractor Supply store for specific information about this product. CountyLine Standard Auto Squeeze Cattle Chute keeps your livestock safe while applying tags, giving shots or any situation where you need them to stay still. For use with cattle. 39 in. W x 97-5/8 in. L x 76-7/8 in. H. Steel.

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cattle squeeze chute for sale - selling this cattle squeeze chute its in good and ready-for-work condition were a small equipment dealer whos been serving farmers for over 40+ years based in ontario canada, but serving all of north america! dont hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to inquire about a piece of equipment youre trying to find email stoneagefarms@quadronet phone.

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We only sell the best quality cattle chutes! Browse our selection of cattle squeeze chutes for sale. Made in the USA. Our dependable, quiet-operating squeeze chutes are designed to reduce animal stress to help you get the most from your herd, with a focus on the following features:Comfortable Restraint and Head Control: This allows the cow to remain calm while you remain in full control of its.

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The Tarter CattleMaster Series 3 Standard Squeeze Chute with Auto Head Gate is the economical, fast, and safe solution for smaller cattle operations. This all-purpose chute even makes it easy to work cattle by yourself. The Series 3 chute has a number of great features that will save you time and protect your investment. Let's start with the.

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Both the 2500 series and the 2000 series are available in hydraulic configurations. The 1500 series squeeze chutes are great for smaller producers who want a solid platform, but don't need all of the bells and whistles. All of our chutes are powder coated for durability an rust resistance. We engineer our chutes to make cow work easier and safer.

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A cattle squeeze, or Cattle squeeze chute is a system allowing for examination, tagging, or treatment of cattle. It contains the animal making the farmer or veterinarians job easier when working with the animal in stressful situations. Options are available for a hydraulic head gate and tail gate which will close automatically ensuring the.

WW Beefmaster XL2VG Cattle Squeeze Chute

Squeeze chute ranges from 31.5" fully open to 7.75" fully closed. Poly-composite Rump Fingers engineered to endure high pressure. 3E Rolling Door that can be used from either side of the chute. Rolling Door track is top-mounted to eliminate build-up. Vet Door opens a full 180° for complete maneuverability and access.

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The Tarter CattleMaster Series 6 Heavy-Duty Squeeze Chute with Auto Headgate is the perfect solution for medium sized livestock operations to work cattle quickly and safely. This heavy-duty squeeze chute has great features that make it a safe, easy cattle handling solution that will protect your investment. Let's start at the tailgate.

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Washington, IA. (319) 653-1013. Call (319) 653-1013 Email Seller. View Full Listing. 13 photos. 2023 Arrowquip QC8708EF8. Save. Take a look at this new Arrowquip Q-Catch 87 Series Cattle Chute. This item is located on our equipment lot in Washington, IA.

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Hi-Hog's manual and hydraulic cattle squeeze chutes provide ranchers and veterinarians unmatched livestock access for examinations, branding, and veterinary treatment. Both the manual cattle squeeze chute comes with either a self-catch head gate or a manual head gate. Turn your squeeze chute into a portable cattle chute with the addition of a squeeze chute trailer.

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Whether you're looking for a calf table or the most reliable squeeze chute on the market, you've come to the right place.. sale. Hydraulic Chute - Hi-Hog. from $11,153.00 sale. Manual Cattle Squeeze Chute - Hi-Hog. from $6,773.00 sale. Manual Bison Squeeze Chute - Hi-Hog. Sale Price: $11,687.00 Original Price: $15,099.00. sale.

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The squeeze adjusts from 16″ to 32″. With parallel sides, both sides come in evenly; so cattle are not pushed over. easier to position stubborn cattle. • Brisket bar to prevent cattle from dropping down in the chute. (Optional) • Bottom doors swing open. • Both side panels open fully.

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On Sale Now! Save on Tools and Equipment. Tarter CattleMaster Series 6 Heavy-Duty Squeeze Chute with Automatic Headgate SKU: 127755399 Product Rating is 4.3 4.3 (23) $4,799.99. CountyLine Standard Auto Squeeze Cattle Chute SKU: 217201599 Product Rating is 4.5 4.5 (35) $3,399.99.

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Midwest Equipment Auctions. Holbrook, Nebraska 68948. Phone: (785) 202-0250. View Details. Contact Us. Selling a Calf Cradle. 54"Lx48"T. 8.5"W up to 16"W. Tilt Table. Chute can be ran either right or left side exposed. Works for cheep as well. Trades Accepted.

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Powder River offers 3 different squeeze chute chassis for diverse operational needs. The 2500 series chassis is the strongest and comes with the most features in the deluxe model. The 2000 Series is downright functional. Offering essential features in strong chassis. 2000 series chutes are a great addition to any size operation.

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Offered here is our C&B Angus brand automatic squeeze chute with built in palp cage. This chute is over 11' long and weighs 1700 pounds. You can get it with our automatic head gate or a smooth manual head gate. Slide gate in the back. All powder coat paint. Floors adjust & has side exit.